Routine colors


I seem to have a thing for wearing black and blue together. The bright shoes really throw this off, but I’m ok with that.

Shirt: Everlane – drop shoulder tee. Pants: Grana. Shoes: Lems Primal 2. Necklace: Swarovski – gift.

So looking through my pinterest over the past week makes me laugh a bit. I’ve gone from Eileen Fisher lagenlook chic to Rick Owens, Comme de Garcons, and lots of Yohji Yamamoto. Affordable (to a degree) lagenlook to…. high end fashion avant-guard that’s waaaaay out of my range. Yet I’m still coveting a lot of it and have even found some of it for prices that I could afford if I only buy one item – and then save another 6 months for the next one. I’ve always liked Comme de Garcons just because the designs were always so wildly amusing and the silhouettes are totally different from most other designers. If I had to choose one designer though whose clothes could be the only ones I’d ever wear for the rest of my life (assuming money isn’t an issue – more a mandate: wear only 1 designer’s clothes) then it’d definitely have to be Yohji Yamamoto. I’ll even pare that down further since he’s got two lines: Y’s and Y-3 collaboration with Adidas. Out of the two, I’d take the high-end Y’s range, but if allowed then sure, give me both.

I love his tailoring and the “unstructured” structured look of his clothes. The asymmetrical lines of skirts and billowing sleeves are completely beautiful to me. Also, he tends to dress women in a much more masculine manner and I’ve always been a fan of that look on women.

To the very few people who may (or may not) read this blog: if you could only wear the clothing of one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

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    1. They are the most comfortable shoes I own currently. You do have a decent amount of ground feel with them, but they still feel very secure as shoes. I’ve gone on hikes with them and been perfectly fine. It does take some getting used to since you feel the weight of your steps more so for people starting out in them – or any barefoot shoe style – I’d recommend short walks first, or wearing them around the office as long as you’re not on your feet all day. I may be getting their nine2five shoes next.


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