Back pain and the wrong jeans


Monday: I did something awful to my back recently and hardly slept Sunday night. I was utterly miserable on Monday, but at least I was very comfortable.
Shirt: Everlane – Men’s Slim Fit Shirt – no longer available. Pants: Grana- Denim Ankle Pants. Shoes: Allbirds – Lounger. I linked to the shirt that was most like the one I got from Everlane. Mine is white with grey stripe instead of blue. The fabric might be a little different as well, but it is a men’s style shirt.

I came home and passed out after taking my photo for the day. I was exhausted and in pain most of the day.

wrong jeans

My back felt better today, but I was so groggy this morning (took a muscle relaxer pill last night for my back) that I totally grabbed the wrong pair of jeans! I thought they felt funny when I was putting them on the morning, but then I thought maybe they were just tight because I’d recently washed all my jeans. Nope. I was five minutes away from work, in the car, when I noticed the color was also wrong. They were too blue. I was really that out of it this morning. It’s amazing how I managed to drive to work and survive. I looked at the button while at a red light and realized I’d grabbed a pair of jeans I was planning on donating. I’d not worn them in the better part of a year. Ugh, if anything wearing them by accident today was a complete reminder of why I wasn’t keen on wearing them anymore. They fit really funny. They look fine in the photo, but They are tight in the crotch, but slightly big in the waist, which makes me feel like I need to wear a belt or pull them up, but then that makes the crotch part even tighter. Also, they make a funny noise in the butt when I walk in them. BLEUGH! No, no, no.

Shirt: Uniqlo – no longer available. Jeans: Gap – straight cut – old. Shoes: TOMS – very old. Cardigan: Land’s End.



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