It’s hot.

Shirt: Grand Teton Nat’l Park (I think I’ve worn almost all of them that I have now.) Jeans: Grana – no longer sold. Shoes: Allbirds Lounger.

This shirt is my husband’s favorite. I loved it as soon as I saw it in the Jackson Lake Lodge gift shop.

The shoes are a bit hot for this weather, but were fine for wearing in an air conditioned office. They are very lightweight and comfortable. My toes do stick up from them though since they are wool and there are points where my toes were even when I’m not wearing the shoes. I do actually have socks on. Despite the claims that the shoes “breathe” my feet get very sweaty very easily and the only thing saving these shoes from smelling like ass are the socks I have on. I’ve yet to encounter a pair of shoes that I can wear without socks where my feet don’t sweat in them and get smelly. Such magical shoes DO NOT exist and any that claim otherwise are full of bullshit. Allbirds included. Shoe companies always underestimate the oddball sweat glands that people have that cause their feet to get sweaty and smelly. I am a prime example of that. I did try wearing these shoes without socks and they were sweaty and smelly after the first day. Several guys in the office where my husband works also bought Allbirds and tried wearing them without socks. No dice. Sweat galore. My husband made a funny sweat level paper where he created a foot pattern on a piece of paper with layers going outward to show the different sweat levels and just how sweaty his coworker’s feet got wearing Allbirds. It was gross to say the least. So yeah, Allbirds are NOT magical shoes that “breathe” (*eyeroll*). These shoes are good at keeping your feet warm and they are comfortable otherwise. They are very lightweight and do stretch, which is good for people like me with hobbit toes. Unfortunately they suck if you get them wet. So wear them on cool days when it’s dry. Otherwise, don’t bother.

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