I probably should’ve tucked in the shirt, but… meh… too hot to care. It’s annoying how cold I get in the office that wearing jeans or pants is necessary for me. I even had a grey hoodie on earlier.

Shirt: Grana-  Pima Modal Trapeze Tank. Jeans: Grana – no longer available. Shoes: MaddenGirl from DSW. Bar necklace – gift.

I was kinda hoping my order of linen clothes would arrive today, but no dice.

I really missed having some greenery around the house so I went and bought a few plants after work. I used to be the person everyone would go to to take care of plants and get plant advice. If a plant was dying, a friend would give it to me and I’d managed to bring it back to life. Nowadays, not so much. I seem to be the plant killer and that’s very disheartening. But I’m determined to get my green thumb mojo back so I went out and bought some succulents. I never liked succulents when I was younger. I always associated them with hot climates and I hate hot climates (deserts are not my thing, I’m much more a mountain woman). However, a friend bought me one shortly after we moved into this house and it’s been the one plant I’ve managed to keep in good health. So I went overboard – as always – and bought 5 more little ones today. We’ll see how this plant experiment goes….

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