Anime Slang Fail

Game of Thrones started up again on Sunday night. So naturally my FB feed explodes with GoT posts and memes again – from all my friends because I am one of the minority who doesn’t watch the show. (I watched the first 4 seasons and then gave up because I found it boring.)

I noticed my husband put an image up in a comment and mentioned anything with more Tormond and Brienne was a good thing.

  • Me: Do you ship Tormond and Brienne?
  • Him: …….
  • Me: You know, re-la-tion-SHIP?
  • Him: …..
  • Me: *explains “shipping” and where the word comes from*
  • Him:….. this is an anime thing, isn’t it?
  • Me: It’s in regular pop culture……. to a degree….
  • Him: …..
  • Me: … ok, so yes, as far as I know it started in anime culture…
  • Him:….
  • Me:…..

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