Style inspiration – linen

Lately I’ve been obsessed with pinning all things linen on my pinterest. It’s most likely due to how freaking hot it’s been here lately. That being said, I’m also being aware of items I can wear throughout the year just by layering them. Most of it would easily work for spring and autumn seasons when it’s cooler – just layered up a bit.

button down
Fantasy Linen 
Evam Eva – no longer available
orange pants
Calo Rosa on Yesstyle
Fantasy Linen
top and pants
Knock Knock Linen

I’m also realizing what sorts of colors I like. Browns, creams, white, black, deep green, blues (predominantly navy), dark orange, umber and grays are what I tend to like the most. There is of course white in there because it’s good to have a contrast to all the darker colors in the list – even if I’m not overly fond of it.

I also would love a collarless linen jacket – a la Paul Harnden style (yeah, right – may as well take out another mortgage loan), so I’m on the hunt for something similar.

Paul Harnden jacket

Collarless items or Mandarin collars (is that racist? It sounds racist or culturally insensitive – I’m not going to use that anymore – collarless it is) are prevalent on my wishlist items too.

Linen blends, linen lined with cotton and various linen fabric weights are what I want to test out. I realize there may be a LOT of ironing/ steaming in my future.

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