It’s ridiculously hot again. The humidity is stifling. Surprisingly, I did wear a cardigan most of the day in the office. outfit

This looks frump-tastic in the photo. I kinda feel that way though. I think I’m a bit depressed about my leg. The bump won’t entirely go away and I keep reading online about how hard it is to actually treat Achilles tendinitis. A lot of people who have had it say they get it again or it never really goes away. Ugh. I think this is the perfect depiction of how my mood is affecting what I wear because I seriously just DGAF.

Top: Grana. Jeans: Grana – no longer sold. Shoes: Merrell. Cardigan: Land’s End. Necklace: gift.

The hubs literally walked in the door seconds before a crazy thunderstorm started. As soon as he closed the front door the rain started pounding on it.

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