Everlane E2 Wide-leg Crop Pant


Today’s outfit with the new Everlane E2 Wide-leg Crop Pant I ordered. These photos really aren’t doing these pants justice. I didn’t set up the light umbrella and should have for getting more detail. These are solid, inky black pants.

I love these. They are large, but fit perfectly snug at the waist. The pockets are deep and due to the baggy structure I forgot I put my car keys in one pocket when I needed to run an errand and couldn’t find the keys. When I sit in them they hike up to mid calf, which I rather like. They look longer than they are in these photos as well due to the angle of the camera. Some might find the structure of the pant a bit too much, but I like it that way. I even looked at what they were like with the bottoms rolled up a little, which I might do some other time. These are perfectly comfortable to wear as well. The cotton used is very thick and sturdy feeling. I could easily wear these in winter due to how thick the cotton feels.

I was almost warm in the office today because it was ridiculously humid and that made the AC not as effective. I even wondered if wearing the pants today was a bad idea. Luckily, I wore a very light top so I wasn’t too uncomfortable.

I was hoping the linen clothes I ordered might show up today, but that was very wishful thinking on my part. I could use some really lightweight clothing these days because it’s damn hot out.

Top: Uniqlo. Pants: Everlane. Shoes: Frye.

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