It’s Monday. I was very comfortable in this. I’ve worn this outfit before, but the shirt color was different. I also wore my Land’s End dark beige cardigan for a while when the AC was cranking in the office this morning.

Shirt: J Crew. Pants: Grana. Shoes: Frye. Cardigan: Land’s End (not shown).

I mentioned last week I bought a couple items from Everlane and they arrived today. I’d had my eye on a pair of shoes and decided to really challenge myself with a pair of pants that I immediately felt might be totally wrong. Well, the absolute reverse happened. The shoes were a flat out NOPE and the pants are amazing.

E2 pants

I got the E2 wide-leg crop pant and so far I really like them. Even when I was clicking the purchase button on these I thought: wtf am I doing? I’ve never bought Everlane pants before and had no idea what to expect with sizing since it seems to be all over the place. Plus, instead of choosing something from their usual catalog I go for the limited item series they do each year? I went with a size 0, but could’ve easily gone with a size 2, which is the same size the model has on. If I gain any weight at all the 0 will definitely be too tight in the waist, but since I’m keeping better track of my health/weight that shouldn’t be a problem. They are baggy, but very structured and they do actually look a tiny bit cropped on me – more like ankle length, which is what I was hoping for. I’ve read lots of reviews of women my height saying their cropped pants fit more like regular length and the regular length pants tend to fit like footed onesies. I noted the inseam on these was shorter than their usual cropped sizes so I went for it.

The husband says they look weird, but not bad. I think he’s so used to me wearing more fitted pants that seeing ones this baggy was a little shock to him. I then warned him I’ve got a few more “big” items on the way.

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  1. HI there Jenkr, I’m a sewist and love making and patternmaking my own trousers. Those single pleat trews you bought from Everlane look great. Can you estimate the fold over of the pleat for my benefit please? It looks to me like from the folded edge to the fold inside, might be about 5cm? Which seems quite big as that is then doubled. Love to hear the true measurement. x


    1. You are correct. It is 5 cm. I put the end of my fabric measuring tape inside the fold and then took the measurement to the outside of it and it is exactly 5 cm. Hope that helps.

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