Perfume – the unseen accessory

I wear perfume almost every day. I have scents I like for specific seasons and ones that work well year-round. Even though I only have one handbag, I have a lot of perfume. Go figure. I may have more than the average perfume consumer who may choose a couple “signature scents” to wear all the time, but my collection is small compared to some perfumistas I know online. Either way, I do think perfume can play a part in an outfit.

I love incense so I have several perfumes with incense in them. Next would be woods and after that green notes. I like the more chewy and slightly sweet resin notes during the winter and citruses for summer. I don’t like grapefruit – the fruit – but surprisingly I do like it in some perfumes. It’s a bit funny how some things I like as smells but not as the actual item it is and vice versa. I like hyacinth flowers, but they tend to be too sweet for me in perfume. I’m also not afraid to wear men’s perfumes because sometimes they are better with certain notes than women’s.

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