My one handbag


This is the only handbag I use – a boho style from Coach. I do technically have another bag, but it’s more like a bag you use when going to the beach. It’s small and cotton with light colors. Considering I rarely go to the beach I don’t use it at all. The wallet inside the above handbag can also serve as a wristlet, which I do occasionally do when I don’t feel like carrying everything in my bag.

I’ve always been a one-handbag sort of person. I know a lot of women, especially near my age, have a whole wardrobe of handbags for different occasions and outfits. I think what prevents me from buying and using different handbags is simply my own laziness. I think it’s too much of a hassle to move everything in this bag to another bag just to match that bag with an outfit. A simple black bag like this seems to go with everything, so I’m ok with that. The last handbag I had was a brown one from Fossil and I used it for so many years the leather on the bottom was worn through and the liner started to show. It was a great bag, but it was very casual looking so it didn’t always go with more formal occasions – not that I have that many of them, but still….

I think I would like another handbag like a cross body one, but I’m not too sure. My laziness is still preventing me from putting in the mental effort to consider why I might need one. (How do I even get myself up in the mornings? I’m a lethargic zombie!)

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