Boring clothes


Another WFH day for me. I ran errands for the company all morning and took the afternoon off (scheduled, of course). I got soaked this morning in the rain because I stubbornly decided not to wear my rain jacket.

Shirt: Uniqlo. Jeans: Grana – old, not available anymore. Shoes: Merrell. Necklace: gift – old.

I don’t know if I’m having a mid-life crisis early or just having a manic episode of Need. Change. Now. We all go through those, right? I’m also tired of wearing this boot. I’ve worn it for 5 weeks now so I think it’s time to start the weaning off and gradual strengthening process.

Ever since I posted about my style preference yesterday regarding the over-sized look, I haven’t been able to shake the idea of doing it. This may not seem like a huge deal to some, but considering my wardrobe right now, it would be quite a substantial change. I don’t dress bad at all, but looking at the above photo just makes me think: that is really fucking boring. It serves its purpose and that’s all.  There is nothing visually appealing about it in any way. Even assuming I could wear better shoes and not have the boot on – it would still just be -meh.

I don’t want to just have my clothes be adequately doing their job anymore. I’d like to actually wear them and enjoy them no matter what. I want a variety of silhouettes. I also want to break my uniform habit. All of this got me thinking about how I could possibly cultivate a wardrobe where almost every item could potentially be worn year-round. I live on the east coast (US), therefore Winter. So having heavy coats is a necessity. However, instead of just buying sweaters for the sake of wearing them in the winter, can I buy a kind of sweater that can be layered for winter or worn by itself in spring/autumn as well? It does get hot enough here that wearing a sweater in 90F degree weather would be suicide, so I know there will be some concessions to the year-round rule.

I’ve started a pinterest board for my clothing wishlist. Many of the items on that board are way the fuck out of my price range – like, laughably so. I could either buy one piece of clothing or buy groceries and make a car payment for the month kind of laughable. So the “wishlist” is more or less a guideline for what I’m looking for. This will take quite a lot of time and it should be interesting to see if I stick with it or give up and hang out with Boring because it’s easy and I’ve already accomplished that.

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