Style inspiration – Over-sized

I love boxy, big, voluminous looks with lots of layers. I hardly ever wear that style though. I do have one super large sweater I wear in the winter, but that’s it. I’ve been wondering why I don’t attempt to wear this style more.

Is it because it’s not the norm here? I don’t think any of the above looks are the norm anywhere, but they still make me want to dress that way. Most people want to show off their figures no matter what their body shape looks like. That’s always a given. Since I’ve lost weight I’ve also been in the “woohoo I can wear smaller sizes and look fab!” mode as well, which is why I purchased two pairs of skinny jeans and am rather meh about both of them. Am I reluctant because I’m used to being told I look frumpy or like I’m wearing a potato sack if I wear over-sized clothes? Have I not found the right kind of over-sized clothing that does actually “fit” well and drape in a way that while still looking “big” also look amazing? Am I too focused on showing off my figure instead of the clothes?

Several months ago I was at a Nordstrom Rack and saw a girl that took my breath away. She looked as if she’d walked straight out of a South Korean fashion shoot. She wore an over-sized v-neck tee in green over a voluminous brown skirt that fell almost to her ankles. A black floppy hat, Birkenstocks, and an enormous leather tote completed her look. She was different. I followed her throughout the store, hiding behind racks so as not to look too obvious. I personally thought she stood out, but most other people didn’t take notice. Maybe I was just so entranced with the fact that she wore the perfect summer combination of an over-sized look that I adored so I singled her out easily.

I’ve had my finger on a couple of items online I’m tempted to purchase that fall into this style. The key clearly is buying items made of good materials that drape in flattering ways, which means lots more $$$ than what I’m used to paying. I can always send them back if it doesn’t work out – right?

Most of the photos above are from collections from Exception de Mixmind, which is a clothing line from the Chinese designer Ma Ke.

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  1. I think unisex clothing is pretty cool. No limited. I like the oversize style. I think most girls like this style. The skinny outfit is not that comfortable. Nowadays some people want to dress casual and relaxing.


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