Holiday week


Monday – WFH (woot!) I was very busy with work actually so this was a solid WFH day for me. I *just* finished the more hefty part of the work right around 3:45pm.
Shirt: Yosemite Nat’l Park – old. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Merrell.

Yep. I’m wearing black on a patriotic holiday. Go me. The hubs and I just grilled burgers, sweet potatoes, and corn and had them with sauté onions and home made garlic pickles. And beer. It’s been hot today so we were hibernating in the basement playing Hollow Knight because nerds/ gamers will play no matter what day it is.

Shirt: Everlane. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Merrell. Necklace: gift from a friend. The Everlane shirt is the other color of the drop shoulder tee I posted about a while back (navy one). It’s sort of a muted black. The jeans are the Japanese skinny ones that are still available on their website. There are two different kinds of black, so be careful which ones you pick. I thought I was getting more BLACK black jeans, but these are more of a muted black/charcoal/dark grey. These are the regular skinny and not the high-rise ones. I do like these jeans, but as with most others who have tried them – the ankles really are too tight. Watching me get out of these isn’t even funny enough for a bad sitcom. I don’t know what it is, but I just cannot seem to find skinny jeans that I really like that look good on me. Maybe my legs are too muscular from exercising to look good in them. That sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem because being muscular and healthy is a good thing – yes? But somehow it is an issue with wearing skinny jeans. I have one other pair of Grana skinny jeans – the newer Turkish ones – and I only got to wear them 5 times before the fucking button came off them. I still need to verbally rip Grana a new asshole for that.

I think my problem is I really need to wear more than just jeans. I always resort to jeans and there’s nothing wrong with that, but…..maybe I would look much better in other trousers.

Here is a photo the hubs took of our two little akumas (demons). Bento, aka, Sir Shitimus-Lard Bottom-Thunderfoot-Spaz Lord is the darker one. Yuki, aka, Yuki-pants is the lighter calico.

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