I seem to have a thing for wearing black and blue together. The bright shoes really throw this off, but I'm ok with that. Shirt: Everlane - drop shoulder tee. Pants: Grana. Shoes: Lems Primal 2. Necklace: Swarovski - gift. So looking through my pinterest over the past week makes me laugh a bit. I've... Continue Reading →

Boring outfit is boring. I'm in the middle of my busy time at work so I didn't really put much effort in to my outfit today. Tank: Grana. Jeans: Grana - no longer available. Hoodie: Target - old. Shoes: Lems - Primal 2. Necklace: gift. I've been doing workouts on and off while recuperating from... Continue Reading →

I need to work on my posing. This photo looks ridiculous. I did have the sleeves rolled up before, but the AC was cranking in the office, so I put the sleeves down. The shirt is very lightweight so even though I was wearing long sleeves I was perfectly comfortable inside and outside. Like Monday,... Continue Reading →

Monday: I did something awful to my back recently and hardly slept Sunday night. I was utterly miserable on Monday, but at least I was very comfortable. Shirt: Everlane - Men's Slim Fit Shirt - no longer available. Pants: Grana- Denim Ankle Pants. Shoes: Allbirds - Lounger. I linked to the shirt that was most... Continue Reading →

It's hot. Shirt: Grand Teton Nat'l Park (I think I've worn almost all of them that I have now.) Jeans: Grana - no longer sold. Shoes: Allbirds Lounger. This shirt is my husband's favorite. I loved it as soon as I saw it in the Jackson Lake Lodge gift shop. The shoes are a bit... Continue Reading →


So a while back I mentioned how I liked the over-sized look. Well, it's got a name - lagenlook. I learned something new! It's apparently a German term and means "layering look". From what I gleaned doing a basic cursory search on it lagenlook is about layering clothes that are loose and appear over-sized. Some... Continue Reading →

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