Blah day with office idiots

outfitoutfit with cardigan

I originally had on different trousers, but changed into jeans at the last minute. The trousers were in a blush color and way too big on me since I bought them when I was heavier. I could’ve worn them, but I’d be constantly pulling them up all day. Not that they would’ve fallen down entirely, but I don’t like having to constantly adjust my clothes. So those will go in the pile to be sent to Goodwill.

Shirt: Uniqlo – This is the one white button down shirt I own. It’s rayon and kinda sheer, depending on the light. I still don’t know if I really like this shirt or not. It feels nice to wear, but something about the fit has always been “off” for me. Jeans: Grana – old. Shoes: Frye. Cardigan: Land’s End – very old, gift.

I don’t get people who don’t understand how air conditioning works. I work in an old office building and the windows actually open. We have the AC on because it’s hot outside and yet sometimes I’ll get blasted by hot air coming from an open individual office because people opened the window from being too cold. I tell them they can’t have their office door open if they open a window because otherwise heat from their office will filter into the main area and mess with the thermostat, causing the AC to run more than it should. The temperature can change drastically and quickly there because of how old the building is. I don’t care that they open the windows a bit, but don’t fuck with the rest of the office temperature. Not all the AC vents work properly so some offices get really hot instead of cold and yet people will still open the windows to let in hotter air from the outside because they think the breeze is better. WTF? They have standing fans to use so I had to explain they need put the fan in the doorway where the colder air from the main office space will be pushed into theirs via the fan. Where do the currently have their fans? Next to their bodies, pushing air from hot corners or their computers. *head*desk* Also, for those who are cold, why the fuck don’t they do something practical, like bring a hoodie or sweater to wear when they get a chill? I just don’t get how people are so fucking clueless about this shit and I have to talk down to them about it like they are 5 year olds. It’s really impressive how there are so many people who don’t understand certain fundamentals in my office. I’m not sure if it’s due to their youth (I’m one of the three oldest in the office) or if they are just so spoiled from the way our office works that they don’t know how to think past anything concerning themselves.


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