“Staples” I don’t have in my wardrobe. Part 2

This portion of all my rambling thoughts on wardrobe “staples” includes items that I, as a woman, lack. I’m not saying women should all have these items. Again, this is just based on fashion/style/influencer blog sites I’ve read that seem to assume women have or need these items in their wardrobe. There are plenty of women who don’t. Power to all of us.

Despite my love of black clothing, I do not own the prized token of any woman’s wardrobe (or so people would say…), the Little Black Dress. In fact, I currently don’t own any dresses at all. Zero. Nada. None. Zilch. Last year I had three dresses. Two of them I’d worn only once and the third one I wore to a slew of weddings the year before. Since that time I’ve lost 17 lbs so none of those dresses fit me anymore. All three of the dresses were black, but not plain black.

In general, I’ve never been the type of person to wear dresses. I’ve always preferred jeans or trousers. I suppose one could say I’m a bit of a tom boy and that’s fine. There are plenty of women who cut a mean figure in a formal pants suit for special occasions. I’ve not done that because I always assumed I’d need to wear a dress for formal occasions. Maybe now that I’m entirely dress-less I’ll try that out. I do have two upcoming weddings to attend this autumn, so we’ll see. I’m not entirely against wearing dresses and perhaps I just need to find my own perfect Little Black Dress to change my mind.

So, based on the above information, what’s the likelihood of my actually having skirts, which tend to be another wardrobe staple for a woman? Yeah, not quite. I do have one skirt right now and it’s too big. It feels like it’ll drop off me so I’ve only worn it around the house when I’m washing all the jeans/trousers. I recently washed the skirt (it’s cotton jersey so it feels like PJs) and have tucked it on the shelf in my closet I usually designate to clothes on their way out of the wardrobe. So that means – zero skirts! Again, I’m not against wearing skirts, but I normally don’t reach for them or dresses (when I have them).

Another “staple” that is one of my least favorites, are high heeled shoes. I hate heels. Lots of women hate heels. Some totally rock the high heeled look and it does make for a flattering silhouette, but I am Queen of the Klutz People. There are many of us in the female realm and we simply do not know how to walk in heels without looking like we should be in some slap-stick comedy where we perpetually harm ourselves. I’m not talking about the 1-2″ kind or “kitten heels” on booties or boots or sandals. I’m talking about the 3″ and up crowd of heels. Barbie heels. Stiletto heels. Heels that make women sound like Clydesdale horses – and vaguely look like them while attempting to land each step they take in them. I have one pair of black wedge heeled shoes. I think they go up to 3″. All other heeled shoes I have are shorter. I’ve worn those shoes maybe 4 times for special occasions. I’m ok in those because they are a wedge and I’m not trying to balance my heel on a needle head. I’d be willing to try wearing more dresses and more skirts, but high heels are a big, fat NOPE.

Out of the three traditionally known items to be most women’s wardrobes, high heels are one I won’t budge on. I don’t care if I have a meeting with the god of the universe and need to look formal. I’m not doing high heels. I’d be willing to wear a skirt or dress if the need arises. But first, I need to have some in my wardrobe.



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