“Staples” I don’t have in my wardrobe. Part 1

A lot of fashion sites and blogs talk about wardrobe staples.  Perfect examples include: little black dress, white button down shirt, white tee shirt, the workhorse jeans, etc… Pretty basic stuff here, so why the hell don’t I have any of it? I realize this is a very subjective subject and “staple” is relative (hence the quotes) and not everyone has these items. I’m merely basing all of this on observations I’ve made of fashion/ style/ influencer blogs I’ve read.

I’ve got the jeans category covered, but white tee shirt? Well…. I’ve got a white tee with a little floral graphic on it. Does that count? Maybe? No? I have a white tank top, but I do not have a basic white tee. I also don’t have a white button down shirt. I have a short sleeve one in rayon, but as for the “staple” aspect of it being either cotton or linen – I have none.

Why are white shirts considered staples? Because they are “classic” or “timeless” in style? I see plenty of bloggers who rave about their favorite white shirts from x, y, and z retailers, but I’ve yet to find one I actually like. On top of that, if I do find a style I like, I’m more prone to looking at every other color except white. An example of this is the linen pocket v-neck tee I have from J Crew. I have 3 of those shirts and none of them are white. I don’t like sheer shirts. I know there are thick styled white shirts that are perfectly opaque, but then my second issue comes up – pit stains. Light colored shirts show pit stains almost as soon as the second wearing for me. I’ve gotten better about finding shirts that fit me better and don’t sit right under my arm pit, however, I do need to regularly wear antiperspirant, which rubs onto the fabric and stains it. I sweat very easily, which may be TMI, but it’s the truth. Light colored clothes appear dirty much faster in my wardrobe. Also, I don’t feel good wearing white. I’m much more self-conscious wearing it than I would be in a colored shirt. I get it – white is fresh and light (clearly) and classic, but I’m not a fan.

Anyway, most people seem to wear white and… wait a minute…. I just realized that my husband is the same way I am! He has white ankle socks and one white dress shirt for fancy occasions, but other than that there are ZERO white tees in his wardrobe and even in underwear. He actually hates white underwear. I don’t have white underwear either – it’s all black with one or two pieces of nude. One could say it all stems from my former goth days, but the hubs has no reason other than he doesn’t like white. And… I don’t like white much either.

The only reason why I even have a few white clothes are for one reason: summer. Oh, but what about light colors in general? Blush or nude (meh, same issues I have with white), pink (GAG, I FUCKING HATE PINK – inner goth is screaming), yellow (makes me nauseous and I look dead in it), ivory or cream (meh) and even pale blue or violet (okay-ish) colors make very rare entrances into my wardrobe. That’s not to say I don’t have items of clothes in these colors (except pink and yellow, which are permanently banned), but they definitely are the minority. Geez, for a 40+ year old woman I sound like a whiny, spoiled bitchy goth teen when it comes to clothes. In thinking of what I do have, it’s all black or dark colored.

So what’s my staple? Grey. All shades of grey. Any shade of grey. Light grey, dark grey, charcoal grey – any kind of grey is welcome. I would also say black because I think black is more classic than white. Will I ever get a white button down or basic tee? I won’t rule it out, but I’ve yet to feel like I need it.

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