Spring 2017 Anime Season

The spring season is almost at an end. I’ve been rather frustrated by the lack of decent offerings and while there were standouts and favorites, I find I’m not watching nearly as many shows as I used to for this time of year. Mild spoilers ahead on some of these.


AoT2 was definitely on my radar. I loved season 1 and was even suckered into reading the manga as a result. The animation quality was fucking terrific throughout. Some episodes used more stills to compensate for episodes needing more punch with fluid animation and I do think they got the mix just right. For those who haven’t read the manga – this season was probably insanely frustrating. So many questions – zero answers. Actually, several more cans of worms were opened instead this season. For those who have read the manga, this was pretty spot on in terms of pacing for the story as a whole and while some character development stories came sooner than later, I think they were paced appropriately to keep interest for the non-manga crowd. I’m looking forward to how the rest is interpreted in season 3 coming out next year.

Natsume Yuujinchou season 6: love. I read the manga for this series as well and while many episodes see the same formula over and over again it’s the subtle differences in Natsume Takashi that really make them stand out. Nastume has learned to depend on people more and not try to punch his way out of his troubles with yokai alone. Getting different character perspectives has really fleshed out the entire cast that have been with him for so long. ( I always welcome episodes with Tanama and Natori.) This series is a slow-burn in general and will definitely bore the crap out of people who don’t enjoy these seemingly rote slice-of-life styled episodes, but I always look forward to each episode and hope that there’ll be more seasons to come.

KADO: The Right Answer is an unusual one. For the longest time this show refused to posit a clear antagonist, which made it more addicting than it probably should’ve been for me. The animation style isn’t quite my cup of tea, but the story itself constantly dangling villain carrots finally put down the gauntlet… or did it? It’s hard to say at this point because we’re still dealing with two completely separate life forms adhering to their own specific sets of beliefs and even though one threatens all of humanity, the reasoning behind it really isn’t all that villainous. It’s just different. It’s literally comparing apples to oranges. I have a sneaking suspicion the show won’t throw the alien into the “bad dude” category no matter what. Plus, Saraka’s 80’s superhero outfit just killed me. She looked so freaking cute and it was a treat to see her character fleshed out. I always knew something about her was distinctly different, otherwise there wouldn’t be such an emphasis on her in the fading scenes of the OP. (Sidenote: I love that OP.) Now we know and I think the budding romance with her and a seemingly chivalrous/relationship-shy Shindo is adorkable.

The Royal Tutor was one of two major surprises for me this season. Based on the general art and OP alone I’d almost tagged this is a harem styled show – with the cutsie pint-sized male tutor being the “girl”. Is there a name for this style of show where the harem just works for an all male cast? Is it really just yaoi?  It’s apparently a shota harem, only instead of being young the tutor just looks young – he’s actually twice as old as his tutors or as old as their father, the king. Anyway, this show is NOT that way and ended up being one of the cutest and most addicting shows to watch this season. The handsome prince characters being groomed by the cute stoic tutor were a hoot to watch each week. (I heart Kai.) Each one gets a good amount of screen time and Heine’s secret comes out in pretty much the expected fashion. He was thrown under the bus because he was poor and well… I’ll keep that can of real life worms closed and leave social commentary at that. (Art imitates life, whut?) I’m looking forward to seeing how the bow ends up neatly tied for the last episode.

World End: blah blah blah this is just called SukaSuka now. This show was the second hmm? I like this? show to surprise me this season. It’s not without a shit ton of faults, but I can’t quit it. Chtholly’s inner personality/trapped dead spirits has been a slow-burn, but I’m still interested in seeing how it turns full circle to the scenes in the first episode. Something about Elq and then Lillian make me think Willem’s constant need to protect Chtholly may all be more connected. I can’t help but remember the redhead from the first moments of the first episode, which was clearly the battle Willem was in over 500 years ago. Is Chtholly an amalgam of Elq and Lillian considering the faeries were created with dead children spirits/ former dug weapon kids? I do kinda find the romance between Chth and Will a bit odd. It’s not a flat out NOPE for shipping, but his “love” for her does come off as being much more brotherly than as a lover. Despite this show crawling around getting it’s feels and plot in order, I am surprised by how deep some of the characters can be at times. It feels like there are many more layers this show can reveal, but just isn’t sure how to make it happen.


Shingeki no Bahamut: This is my favorite of the entire season. My full, rambling, mildly incoherent and entirely Azazel biased thoughts on it here. I started writing about it here, but realized it had to have it’s own entry because I couldn’t shut up about it.

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