outfitelephant shirt

It’s hot today, so I wore very lightweight clothes.

Shirt: Banana Republic – old. Pants: Uniqlo – Smart Ankle Length Pants. Shoes: Frye -old. Necklace: Swarovski – gift from a friend.

I always get compliments on this shirt and it’s at least 5 years old. Since it’s rayon it’s starting to run in a few spots with some loose threads, but until it looks utterly destroyed I’ll keep wearing it. It’s one of two patterned shirts I own. Other than that (and my PJs) I have no patterned clothing at all. Something about this one never looks dated and everyone likes elephants – right? The Uniqlo pants are super comfortable and despite being pull-up pants with an elastic band I have no shame in tucking in shirts and letting the waistband show a bit. I just rolled up the bottom cuff a couple times for a more capri-ish/summer look.

I’ve got some mad veins, don’t I? Geez. Also, I’m insanely pale in that top photo, but that was taken in all natural light and without the light umbrella. Normally I’d have a ridiculous farmer/runner’s tan by now.

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