Oh look, there’s a remote in my hand. The room is also decently lit despite the dark, medieval storm pissing rain outside. I got my light umbrella today. I still clearly need to tweak lighting, but I can tell this will be an improvement. At least the lower half of my body isn’t in complete darkness. I’m not too sure how I like this setup for photos in general. Maybe I’ll try something else tomorrow. Today I just wanted to get the photo done and over with so I could get to my workout for the day. Weight training with a boot is a pain the ass and I have to adjust all activities around it so I’m not doing exercises I normally would, but doing something is better than nothing.

I tend to have uniforms I wear. The most common for me is simply a tee shirt and jeans. It doesn’t matter what tee, just any tee and jeans. I wore tees with graphics on them over the weekend with jeans. A lot of times if I find a tee that really works for me, I’ll buy it in several colors, literally making a uniform out of one style. Case in point, this is my third J Crew linen tee. I just got it last week on sale. The other two I hadn’t worn in a while but are now in heavy rotation again.

Shirt: J Crew Linen V-neck pocket Tee. Jeans: Grana Japanese slim jeans – not available anymore (this is the other color to the lighter jeans I wore last week). Shoes: Frye. Necklace: gift from a friend. My jewelry is all very minimalist in nature and hard to see in the photos so maybe I’ll do a separate post on them.

It’s clear by now I’m not doing a 365 since I didn’t post at all over the weekend. The hubs and I had lots of things to get done and of course it was Father’s Day on Sunday. While I’m back into blogging (so far) I’m not going to beat myself up for missing a few days.

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