Grana outfit

Yesterday was the Uniqlo outfit and today is the Grana outfit. No, I don’t base my outfits around companies like that, it just ended up that way.

outfit sitOutfit stand

These photos are a little better than the ones I took yesterday? Yes? No? Maybe? I did order myself a remote because hobbling around with the boot on my leg and a camera timer suck ass. I also ordered a light umbrella because apparently the light is not nearly as great in my house as I thought. That’s it. I’ve actually PAID MONEY to work on taking these photos. Investment! That means I have to go through with this…. maybe…. yes….?

Shirt: Pima Modal Trapeze Tank. Jeans: Japanese slim jeans – no longer made – *CRIES* Shoes: Merrell hiking shoes (old). Bar necklace: gift from a friend.

Yes, I know there are bra straps showing. I don’t have a bra that works with this tank very well and I’m too lazy to go buy one that will right now. The office I work at is so casual that technically I don’t even need to get out of my PJs to work there – seriously. No, seriously it’s that casual. Yep, it is an office and I do have to drive there, but the boss runs an easy ship, which is why I like it. But at the same time it’s also the reason why I’ve gotten so lazy with my wardrobe.

I love these jeans. I kinda wish I could’ve gotten them in regular length than long, but I’m still ok with the length. Sometimes I just cuff up the bottoms. These jeans are super comfortable and fit perfectly. So perfectly that I know I’ll cry when I wear these out because it’s so hard to find jeans that fit this greatly. I bought these light colored ones but when I tried to buy another pair the company was already phasing them out. I managed to find another pair in a dark wash from Poshmark so now I have two. I also was interested in buying their slim boyfriend jeans, but those are gone now too. The few left in the clearance section are too big for me. The only jeans Grana offers now are skinnies, which pisses me off. Not all women can wear skinnies! Yes I’m thin, but I’m a runner and I weight train and I have CALVES and skinny jeans, despite the stretchiness made into them won’t always work. I do have two pairs of skinny jeans from Grana, but I’ll save that for later. I do like Grana’s clothes and I like that their pricing is a bit better than Everlane, but I’ve a bone to pick with Grana that I will save for a later date.

Guess what? The shoe I wore yesterday and the shoe I wore today are the only shoes I will be wearing for the next month. While I’m boot’d I need to wear a shoe with a heal or some lift so I don’t completely destroy my hips while letting my tendon recover. In general, I don’t like nor wear heals. I have two other pairs of taller boots, but you know… summer, so those are pretty much out of the running for options. I don’t feel it’s necessary at the moment to buy shoes just for the sake of having more foot options to go with outfits anyway.


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