Getting back on the wagon

I think I might be ready to start writing/blogging again…? It’s been a while. Several years in fact. One thing I want to focus on with this site is actually writing honestly for myself and not trying to appeal to some audience or write in a voice that isn’t me. Going to most blogs these days feels like listening to NPR or “radio friendly” voices where posts are perfectly written in an almost sing-song manner. Or maybe it’s more like scripted TV commercials. Either way, while the content may be good, most of them end up boring me because of how polished they are.

I want to write what’s in my head, unfiltered. That means there will be lots of profanity, probably. And I tend to make up weird words for things – create my own slang.

What will I write about? Well… anything really. Right now things that interest me include: fashion (I really hate calling it that), perfume, anime, manga, health and exercising, food – with an emphasis on Asian cuisine, and my 3DS games (Animal Crossing being the the most played). I’ll probably throw in lots of photos of my cats and rant about the fucking headache that is taming my yard.

I’d like to force myself into taking photos again. I used to be somewhat good at it and primarily took photos of my breakfast and parks. I can’t really do the breakfast photos anymore, except on the weekends. Having a regular job means eating what I pack, which is usually the same thing over and over. I also rarely go hiking at my favorite park anymore, which is a shame. I’ve not been in a while and feel like I’m long overdue in documenting the changes of my park. I sold my old DSLR this year and bought a small mirrorless camera because I got tired of lugging around the heavy DSLR and lenses. My new Sony has two small lenses and so far that’s really all I need. This is a drastic change from how I used to covet new cameras and expensive lenses all the time. For the longest time I wanted a full frame sensor. But now, the wide lens on my Sony does the job nearly as well, so I’m happy with that.

Maybe I’ll try doing a 365 with my outfits? Committing to that sounds daunting. I’ve done 365’s before and hated most of them by the end. I do want to better sort out my style though so I may give it a try. The point of doing all this again was to push myself into uncomfortable territory and make a few changes. I used to be on the minimalism train, but my thoughts on that have changed a bit. I pared down my wardrobe a lot. I even KonMari’d my house at one point, which was beneficial at the time. But now I’m noticing large gaps in my wardrobe that I may have gotten rid of just for the sake of having a minimalist wardrobe, which was fucking stupid. So now I’ve been buying a lot more clothing again in an attempt to feel a bit more polished and complete with my wardrobe.

Lastly, holy shit WordPress has changed! I used to have my own sites in the past with personal domains and all that jazz…. Damn. How times have changed. I’m not into paying for web hosting at the moment. That depends on how well I actually manage to keep this up, so for now a free site with a generic free theme will do.

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