Simple is best, no? I actually wore the cardigan for most of the morning. Today was a bit cooler than I expected. Shirt: J Crew. Jeans: Grana - old. Shoes: Merrell. Cardigan: Land's End. Necklace: UGUiSU. I painted my nails Sunday afternoon and they are already chipped. I bang up my hands much more often... Continue Reading →

This photo is from Friday. I had a half day of work (at home) and then my mom arrived for a visit, so I was busy entertaining most the weekend. After she left I was a couch potato because I think I'm fighting some sort of stomach bug. Top: Uniqlo (striped one no longer available... Continue Reading →

Blah day with office idiots

I originally had on different trousers, but changed into jeans at the last minute. The trousers were in a blush color and way too big on me since I bought them when I was heavier. I could've worn them, but I'd be constantly pulling them up all day. Not that they would've fallen down entirely,... Continue Reading →

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine (The Royal Tutor)

This show. It's almost got me wanting to read the manga now. My thoughts here will mostly revolve about the finale, so most likely spoilers ahead.....   Anime endings on shows that follow a manga are tricky. More often than not lately the show just ends without any conclusion. When the production staff on a... Continue Reading →

I made it home minutes before a ridiculously thunder-heavy storm hit. Getting caught in summer flash thunderstorms with this boot on would be horrible. This outfit seems... frumpy. I was very comfortable though and that's all that matters. I'm not feeling too great today. I could've worn the Frye shoe to make this look seem... Continue Reading →

It's hot today, so I wore very lightweight clothes. Shirt: Banana Republic - old. Pants: Uniqlo - Smart Ankle Length Pants. Shoes: Frye -old. Necklace: Swarovski - gift from a friend. I always get compliments on this shirt and it's at least 5 years old. Since it's rayon it's starting to run in a few... Continue Reading →

Spring 2017 Anime Season

The spring season is almost at an end. I've been rather frustrated by the lack of decent offerings and while there were standouts and favorites, I find I'm not watching nearly as many shows as I used to for this time of year. Mild spoilers ahead on some of these. AoT2 was definitely on my... Continue Reading →

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