I wear the same jeans a lot.

This photo is from Friday. I had a half day of work (at home) and then my mom arrived for a visit, so I was busy entertaining most the weekend. After she left I was a couch potato because I think I’m fighting some sort of stomach bug.

Top: Uniqlo (striped one no longer available online). Jeans: Grana – old. Shoes: Frye. Necklace: gift from husband – old.

Everlane silk

Luckily today went by fast in the office. I’m hoping the rest of this week will go by this quickly. I’m always impatient for the next episode of Shingeki no Bahamut.

Shirt: Everlane – old. Jeans: Grana – old, same as Friday. Shoes: Frye. Necklace: UGUiSU. The Everlane shirt is silk and was from the rounded collar ones they made a couple years ago. It’s the only silk shirt I have. I know it’s a light colored button down, but it’s more ivory than white. I was actually expecting it to be white when I got it. I know a lot of people rave about Everlane’s silk shirts, but this did not impress me at all. I rarely wear it actually. The silk feels very flimsy and it actually got some runs in it near the armpits the first time I wore it. I’ve read that their silk shirts are much better now, but I’m not a huge fan of having to iron my clothes. I know technically I should dry clean silk, but I have so few items that actually really need dry cleaning I just put delicate shirts like this in a laundry bag in the wash – gentle cycle. I air dry and then use an iron on low and it looks just fine. Everlane and Grana seem to be competing for who has the best silk shirts in the same price range. I’m not a huge fan of silk, but I wouldn’t be against trying some newer ones they have out to see if the silk is any better and actually worth making me want deal with the upkeep.

I was feeling quite lazy and just threw on the jeans I wore Friday and most of the weekend. That’s what I love about jeans. It also makes for lazy and boring wardrobe photos.

The necklace I linked to is in silver. The chain on mine is gold, but she’s not sold the gold one in a couple years. I really love it and wear it almost every day.

Blah day with office idiots

outfitoutfit with cardigan

I originally had on different trousers, but changed into jeans at the last minute. The trousers were in a blush color and way too big on me since I bought them when I was heavier. I could’ve worn them, but I’d be constantly pulling them up all day. Not that they would’ve fallen down entirely, but I don’t like having to constantly adjust my clothes. So those will go in the pile to be sent to Goodwill.

Shirt: Uniqlo – This is the one white button down shirt I own. It’s rayon and kinda sheer, depending on the light. I still don’t know if I really like this shirt or not. It feels nice to wear, but something about the fit has always been “off” for me. Jeans: Grana – old. Shoes: Frye. Cardigan: Land’s End – very old, gift.

I don’t get people who don’t understand how air conditioning works. I work in an old office building and the windows actually open. We have the AC on because it’s hot outside and yet sometimes I’ll get blasted by hot air coming from an open individual office because people opened the window from being too cold. I tell them they can’t have their office door open if they open a window because otherwise heat from their office will filter into the main area and mess with the thermostat, causing the AC to run more than it should. The temperature can change drastically and quickly there because of how old the building is. I don’t care that they open the windows a bit, but don’t fuck with the rest of the office temperature. Not all the AC vents work properly so some offices get really hot instead of cold and yet people will still open the windows to let in hotter air from the outside because they think the breeze is better. WTF? They have standing fans to use so I had to explain they need put the fan in the doorway where the colder air from the main office space will be pushed into theirs via the fan. Where do the currently have their fans? Next to their bodies, pushing air from hot corners or their computers. *head*desk* Also, for those who are cold, why the fuck don’t they do something practical, like bring a hoodie or sweater to wear when they get a chill? I just don’t get how people are so fucking clueless about this shit and I have to talk down to them about it like they are 5 year olds. It’s really impressive how there are so many people who don’t understand certain fundamentals in my office. I’m not sure if it’s due to their youth (I’m one of the three oldest in the office) or if they are just so spoiled from the way our office works that they don’t know how to think past anything concerning themselves.


Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine (The Royal Tutor)


This show. It’s almost got me wanting to read the manga now. My thoughts here will mostly revolve about the finale, so most likely spoilers ahead…..


Anime endings on shows that follow a manga are tricky. More often than not lately the show just ends without any conclusion. When the production staff on a show decides to make its own ending, there seems to be a 50/50 chance it’ll be good or piss off an entire fandom. Luckily, this anime ending was a winner.

I was expecting a neatly tied bow for this show and I got it, after a literal flood of feels. The first half of the finale shows the princes confronting Heine on why he’s leaving. It does a great job of Heine still showing he’s capable of being stern with his students, irregardless of the situation and how much they’ve grown. When Heine does a season-wide summary of how much each prince has learned and matured I started to get a little choked up. Watching the princes openly cry their hearts out didn’t help. Kai was so sweet to comfort Leo and when his turn came around – I lost it – and had to grab the nearest tissue box. Mad tears within the first 7 minutes – DAMNIT!

The second half of the show focuses on the boys doing all they can to persuade a counsel committee why Heine should be reinstated as their tutor. They don’t get to vote on it themselves, but they aren’t excluded from making their own proposal, which I thought was a very clever way of showing how people will do everything in their power when given the opportunity. It doesn’t make anything guaranteed, but having a chance at making a change helps. And that sums up what the Princes say in their argument on why Heine should be reinstated. Giving people chances to make right a wrong, forgive and forget, pick ourselves up again, and help each other out can be difficult, but also be the defining moment to turn a life around for the better. The princes, still being young and inexperienced, give heart-felt shouting pleas to the committee. It’s obvious the speeches could’ve gone better and I think that simply shows how the boys still have a ways to go in their education. By the same token, how they’ve managed to grow this far through Heine’s instruction was clearly the take-away.

The biggest surprise was the unknown character next to Heine at the committee meeting who starting clapping first – Prince Eins. This was the first time, that I recall, we’ve ever seen the eldest prince. Unlike his younger brothers, Eins is dark haired and looks rather mean. However, he was clearly impressed by his younger siblings and showed his approval. In the same way that Kai looks intimidating, Eins also looks harsh and uninviting. I rather liked how even keeled he was as a character in the few minutes we got to hear from him. He even half chided Ernst Rosenberg to stop messing with his younger brothers. The shame on Ernst’s face made me think he’s not necessarily a mean guy but simply one who will-stop-at-nothing for those he serves in a blindly devout manner. His pride at being Eins’ steward may be more of a driving force for him than just someone who messes with people to watch them squirm. If anything, the arrival of Eins on the scene in the last moments made me curious as to where the manga would take the story and if Eins is the same sort of person as shown in the finale.



outfit with cardiganoutfit

I made it home minutes before a ridiculously thunder-heavy storm hit. Getting caught in summer flash thunderstorms with this boot on would be horrible.

This outfit seems… frumpy. I was very comfortable though and that’s all that matters. I’m not feeling too great today. I could’ve worn the Frye shoe to make this look seem a little nicer, but I needed a break from it. The Merrell hiking shoe is much more comfortable. I’ve been needing a cardigan in the office lately due to how much the AC has been running.

Shirt: from a shop in one of the lodges at Grand Teton National Park. All clothing purchases from the shops in the parks help pay for park needs. I have several clothing items from GT because it’s my favorite one and I totally support the parks. The hubs and I have been to 9 national parks so far. Pants: Grana. Shoe: Merrell – old. Cardigan: Banana Republic – old.