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Tee: J Crew. Shirt: Everlane. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Lems. Cat: Bento, begging for attention.

Bento has started a habit of coming upstairs to yell at the husband or myself until one of us gives him pets. He’ll sit in the middle of the floor and whine at both of us. His short, sharp meows are what we call his cat profanity. He does those the most right before it’s dinner time when he’s hungry.

I worked from home for the first half of the day since I was waiting on a package I had to sign for. The rest of the day was spent in the office where everyone was acting a little loopy due to the solar eclipse. The HR woman was forbidding people from going outside, but it was only half joking. One of the interns was trying to look up at the sky while driving and kept looking at the sun well before the eclipse even happened. I walked in one of the offices with windows to look out with my sunglasses on – it was completely overcast – and the intern flipped out that I was looking for it. She and I came in to the office around the same time and she asked if I drove through the eclipse, like it was some ordeal.

Me: I didn’t drive through it. It’s an eclipse, not a tsunami.

Her: OMG! I didn’t know when it would start so I kept looking up trying to see!

I was the only one from our office who went outside during the peak time. The clouds came in an hour beforehand so it was mostly overcast by the time 2:45 rolled around. It wasn’t until 3 pm that the heavy clouds gave way and I was able to see the end of the eclipse a little. I didn’t need special glasses because the cloud cover was so thick I was perfectly fine just wearing my sunglasses. The rest of the day was spent listening to crazy stories of people being paranoid and acting ridiculous during an eclipse. Some people actually think animals go nuts (I pulled up home security video footage of my cats sleeping in the living room during the eclipse – animals don’t go crazy), UV rays are more intense (they’re not) and other odd things. It made me wonder if we were still in the 15th century or something. How can people be so ignorant about it when there’s so much more we know now?

A few friends were in Wyoming for the eclipse and took great photos of it where it was much more intense. I was a little jealous of their location, Grand Teton National Park.

SnB: VS update: episode 18

Reminder: I post more about fashion/outfits on this blog, but I am first and foremost an otaku. I love my anime shows and manga. Maybe I should change the format of the blog to magazine so people can choose what categories to read? I’m not sure since I really don’t post too much about anime/manga here, except when I’m really invested in a show.

I was planning on waiting until the end of the series to write up thoughts on Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul, but episode 18 got me all fired up again.


“I’ll be honest, I don’t think that I can forgive Nina for choosing a genocidal sadboy over Hot Goth Angel Dad.” – ANN

Exactly. I actually laughed, clapped, and scared the cats because I reacted so physically to that comment. It seems that reviewer and I are generally on the same page with how the show is going. I actually think I’m a bit harsher on Nina than she is though.

Episode 18 changed focus to the whole team, rotating scenes to get viewers caught up on what they are doing to plot against the genocidal sadboy. It was a good episode because it didn’t focus on the weaksauce lovebird duo. Two of the best characters in the series got some time on screen, and yes, my favorite – Azazel – was one of them.  When I ranted that the cast aside from Charioce x Nina were the ones pulling the plot together – this episode proved my point. Kaisar went undercover (I freaking loved the drag queen makeup on him) in the hostess club to recruit his fellow Orleans Knights and bring those two doorstops into the plot. Meanwhile Bacchus, surprisingly, was gaining intel in the city while dressed as a joker (his dancing was also a laugh out loud highlight considering we’re used to seeing him lounging around drunk). Hamsa was also working by scouting the hand-puppet death star and although Rita’s input wasn’t explicitly stated one can always assume she’s on top of things. Rita mocked Azazel, Favaro, and Nina for doing nothing the whole day, which I don’t think is entirely true. Sure Nina was on a date with the King everyone is trying to defeat, but Favaro…. I’ll place bets he was busy doing something that none of the others were privy to.

Azazel took a much needed personal care day to reflect on his actions. Nina and Mugaro both apologized to him for not being able to help him more when he needed it the most – when his demon friends were killed by the Onyx Knights in episode 8. I think the show is trying to show his redemption more with this episode and how he’s actually changed. He’s understood that the death of his friends was ultimately his own fault. His ego got in the way and he assumed he had all the cards he needed to play when he wanted and then got his ass handed to him. That’s clearly been a bitter pill for him to swallow as shown in this episode where he visits the sites where his friends died. He’s also not letting his anger get the better of him. When Mugaro was singled out by some Orleans Knights and went chasing after him, Azazel swoops in and saves the kid. Granted, Mugaro really is blameless for the death of the demons, but his apology and Azazel’s reaction he has nothing to be sorry for shows how level headed the Hot Goth Angel Dad has become over the series. The fact that Azazel says, “you’re apologizing to me too?” shows he’s acknowledged Nina’s apology from earlier – even if he was totally tsundere about it – and knows the apologies won’t take away his own feelings of responsibility. Hell, even after Nina brazenly shows off her ability to turn into a dragon at-will Azazel still doesn’t yell at her. He’s shocked and upset but just asks, “Why now?” He then walks away with tears in his eyes and sure a good part of that might be anger towards her, but it’s also anger at himself. He’s still ultimately to blame for Dante and Succubus’s Belphegor’s deaths. [I forgot lady demon’s name there and had to look it up.]

And here’s where I bitch about how stupid Nina is again. If she wasn’t so obliviously stupid I’d say she’s almost deliberately throwing salt on the wounds of all her friends trying to save the world while she’s gallivanting off with the King who’s responsible for it’s impending death! When she shows off her dragon ability I really wanted to see all the other characters bitch-slap her. Again, she’s clearly not turned into The Protagonist of the show and at this point I’m wondering if the show will even do anything to make her more active on that front at all. Do they really intend to use her dragon powers at the 11th hour to make her role in all this worthwhile? Will she continue her role as Side Character B who indirectly bumbles in and out of the plot in ways that mildly inch it along to the very end? Or will the show even give us Charioce’s reasons (with pained expression) also at the very end to make us all think: Oh he really was a Mr. Darcy type who sacrificed so much! BULLSHIT.

I’m glad at least the show gave us Favaro calling Nina out on her romance. His near fatherly advice to her thinking long and hard about what she should do next might be an indicator the show is aware of how stupid the romance is, but it could also be a red herring just to throw the viewers off. Also, a nod to Amira from Genesis shows the writers are capable of putting their thinking hats on with these characters, so why hasn’t Nina grown any more other than this stupid puppy love and being able to transform into a dragon? I’m so conflicted as to whether or not they really are playing around with the viewers or not. They’ve done such an amazing job with Kaisar, Azazel, Jeanne, Favaro, and hell even Bacchus and Hamsa! So why are the newbies (Nina and Charioce) being such late bloomers? At this point I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to either of them. I just want Azazel to be redeemed, Kaisar to have his dignity/prestige as an Orleans Knight restored, Rita to continue being amazingly awesome at helping everyone else (and maybe get a proper date with Kaisar), Jeanne and Mugaro to be able to have a normal family life, Hamsa and Bacchus to do whatever the hell it is they want to do  (probably just drink and hang out again – maybe be able to visit heaven whenever they want) and fuck all with the rest of them.

Damnit this show riles me up! This was another mostly good episode that has mildly restored my faith – although not too much because I’m waiting to have the carpet pulled out from under me emotionally again.

Earth tones


Shirt: Fantasy Linen. Skirt: Fabric Sense on Yesstyle. Slippers: Muji. Cardigan: Land’s End. When I went out I wore my black TOMS.

WFH day, but I did run a few errands for the office and stopped by in the morning.

It started out rainy and cloudy this morning, but now the sun is out – mostly. It’s extremely humid. These are the worst kinds of summer days. I wish it would’ve stayed drizzling rain all day instead. The humidity at the ends of these sorts of days is stifling. I used to live in a state where it was hot a lot. Autumn and winter were basically reduced to December and January and that was it. Now I live in an area where the seasons are definitely noticeable, but the summers here are brutal. It’s so ridiculously humid. Even after 15 years here I still can’t get used to them.



Tank top and pants: Grana. Shoes: TOMS. Cardigan: Land’s End.

Other than my shoes, I’ve not work black at all this week. That’s… unusual for me. Seeing all the photos on my computer really shows me what colors I like and apparently I just wasn’t feeling black at all this week.

I got notice of some clothes I ordered will arrive on Monday and I’m really excited to get them. It’s nice to have a game plan of sorts when it comes to the kind of wardrobe I want to cultivate now and getting the pieces to make it come together makes me happy. This will no doubt be a very slow process, but that’s half the fun of it, right?


Mostly repeat


Shirt: Fantasy Linen. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: TOMS. Cardigan: Calo Rosa on Yesstyle.

Other than the jeans, I wore this exact same outfit on Monday. It’s that comfortable. I’m rather proud of how well I sewed up the arm holes so this shirt would fit better. They are technically a triangle piece inwards that meets with the original line of the shirt.

A Small Wardrobe had a great post today about dressing for your future self. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. What sort of clothing do I want to invest in? Since starting this blog and looking at my outfits, I realize there are several areas of my wardrobe I need to work out. I am starting to think in terms of what items would I spend the money on to keep for as long as humanly possible. Clothing with natural fibers would most likely last the longest. Also, I think the style of clothing I’m gravitating towards now will help in the longevity of my wardrobe as well. Close-fitted clothes get dirty quickly due to sweat and pit stains, especially in the summer. By wearing more clothes with natural fibers that have a looser fit I can wear them many more times before having to wash them. I think I’m finally on the track I want to be with what style and kind of clothing I want to invest in that’ll be with me in the future.

I’ve spent a lot of money on clothes this summer – there’s still many more items I’ve recently purchased on the way, but I have been considering the longevity of the clothes I’ve bought and their value to me. They are clothes I’m willing to put effort into keeping, instead of just discarding after a couple  years.

I overheard a couple guys in the office talking about clothing recently. One of them mentioned a brand that sells at Target and he seemed proud to say that the shirts from that brand lasted him at least 3 years. Somehow, that seems very short to me, but I can’t pinpoint to a lot in my wardrobe that’s even over 5 years old. Maybe I’ll go through the clothes I have to see which ones have lasted the longest and figure out why.

Comfort & chili

outfitwith cardigan

Shirt: Calo Rosa on Yesstyle. Pants: Grana. Shoes: Allbirds. Cardigan: Land’s End.

Today was another perfectly comfortable outfit day.  I could’ve tucked in the shirt, but I think it would’ve looked forced and I’d be fussing with it all day, so I left it untucked.

It’s been drizzling rain all day. At least it was where my office is located – a 25 minute drive away. My husband’s office is a 5 minute drive from our house and he said it was pouring for a while in the middle of the day. It’s always fascinating to me how much of a difference a few miles can make with weather.

I’m really surprised I’ve stayed away from wearing black so much this summer. It’s my staple, but looking at the above photo reassures me that I can wear other colors and be perfectly comfortable. I really like the color of the top. It’s an oatmeal color. I like that better than white. I think white can be a bit too stark for me.

I’m making chili for dinner. It seems like a good chili kind of day. It’s a smoky beef chili with a cup of beer in it. I had to go get beer for it specifically after work because the only beer we have in the house right now is citrusy and light – hefeweizens and blondes. This chili calls for a good medium bodied beer, but I’ve made it with stouts and porters as well. It also calls for fire-roasted tomatoes, which can be hard to find in the grocery store. There’s only one place near us that sells the crushed tomato kind the recipe calls for. So I had the husband go get the tomatoes while I got the beer. Here is the recipe. It’s a heavy rotation recipe for autumn/winter months in our household.

I’m really looking forward to cooler weather.


outfit w- cardiganoutfit

Shirt + Pants: Fantasy Linen. Cardigan: Calo Rosa on Yesstyle. Shoes: TOMS.

I did steam these clothes to get out wrinkles last night, but after wearing them in the office throughout the day they ended up still quite wrinkled. But that’s the beauty of linen clothes. This is the big shirt I mentioned a while back I bought in the same order as the pants. The shirt I don’t think was made quite right because the arm holes were so big my elbows would get caught in them, so I sewed in the sides a little with my sewing machine. It’s still huge and it’s meant to be oversized, but I do still like it. I didn’t adjust it well for these photos. This outfit was like wearing the comfortable PJs in the office all day. It didn’t help that I hardly slept last night and had a hard time staying awake. Being this comfortable in an outfit was almost to my detriment.

I got lost down a rabbit hole of eBay finds today. I’d almost forgotten all about a Japanese brand that I fell in love with years ago and would follow all the time – but I never bought anything from them because they are so expensive. 45rpm had the most amazing lookbooks and I coveted most of what they had available, especially their denim and indigo dyed fabrics. Their ad campaigns now are rather generic and no longer show beautiful outdoor scenes with their clothes that I fawned over so much before, but the clothes are still quite beautiful. Anyway, I found some items on eBay through sellers for very reasonable prices. It’s very tempting to go hog-wild.