Thank you…

... grey hoodie I bought at Target so long ago I can't even remember. It has to be at least 5 years, but is probably closer to 10. I bought it at a time when I was much heavier, so I got the medium, but even back then it felt too tight and I was... Continue Reading →

Resolutions or goals?

Everlane sweater - Yohji Yamamoto coat - Pas de Calais pant - Dries Van Noten shoes - Baggu crossbody purse I was up early for a hair appointment and used my new purse for the first time. I got this Baggu purse on online on Black Friday at a local (it's in the city) zakka... Continue Reading →

Not in best interests

Vince turtleneck - Yohji Yamamoto shirt - Grana jeans - Blundstones After my failed excursion to DSW for snow boots a couple weeks ago I remembered I had a type of boot in my Pinterest list that might work. At first, I thought of getting rain boots and the snow boots, but why not get... Continue Reading →

Warm or cold palette?

Acne Studios sweater - Won Hundred pant - Coach boots Last night I pulled out a box in the closet on the top shelf near the attic hatch. It's not an easy shelf to reach and it's a short shelf, but it perfectly fits my Coach boot box that contained these boots, which I've not... Continue Reading →

Too cold to care season

Yohji Yamamoto top and pant - Land's End cardigan - Frye Carly Chukkas 'Tis the season for not caring what I wear anymore. While I'm still putting together appropriate outfits, something about them feels like I'm not trying or simply don't care. While not trying and still looking put together is a nice talent to... Continue Reading →

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